A little bit about Capp Real Estate

For homeowners in the New Jersey, the fastest and easiest way to sell your home at a fair price is to avoid the turbulent real estate market and sell direct to Capp Real Estate. You may not be familiar with the concept of direct home sales, but it is one of the fastest growing ways to sell homes in the U.S.

Capp Real Estate has been a pioneer in this hassle-free home buying process. We buy homes inNEw Jersey, at a fair price and without expensive broker fees or closing costs. While there are other companies in our market who will buy your home directly, none can match our level of experience, personal service and success.

Get Your Fair Cash Offer

  • Anthony will call you within minutes to make you an offer

  • If you accept, we will visit your home and explain the paperwork.

  • You pick the closing date and on that day we buy your home.